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R8214 Elite DCC Controller Teardown:

R8213 Select DCC Controller Teardown:

R8311 ELink DCC Controller Teardown:

R8012/R80125 HM2000 Teardown:

R8216/R8247 Accessory Decoders Teardown:

R9300W 4-Amp Power Adaptor:

R8239 DCC Signal and Power Booster:

R8238 DCC Reverse Loop Module:

If you need further information about any of these units please contact me as I may be able to help.

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The Hornby units listed following have been fully dismantled (teardown) and where possible information is provided about any known faults, major parts have been identified along with alternative items so that a user may be able to repair a faulted unit.

These Teardown Reports are provided for your information and you proceed at your own risk.

Sourcing parts may be a problem due to obsolescence.

If you open the case of any unit and/or make changes or repairs to that unit then you will invalidate any warranty and your actions may also preclude the possibility of any future repair by Hornby. This applies also to a unit bought second hand.

Warning - Please note that working inside units containing lethal UK mains electricity voltage is done at your own risk.

Under UK regulations all work on mains equipment must be inspected, tested and certified as safe by a competent authorised person as defined under UK law.

Other countries may have similar legislation, therefore check with your local authority.

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