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 Hornby Dublo and Old Hornby Service Sheets                        

This section includes downloads for Hornby Dublo information sheets and old Hornby service sheets.

The downloads are provided as a .zip file, which you should extract and save to a suitable place on your computer. Please be aware these are big files and download may take some time depending upon your broadband speed.

Hornby Dublo Information Sheets

Hornby Service Sheets Part 1

Hornby Service Sheets Part 2

Hornby Service Sheets Part 3

This download is a summary of all known (to me) Hornby Service Sheets. The spreadsheet will allow sorting on various parameters such as R-number, Sheet number, Loco name, type, year, etc. by way of the buttons at the top of each column. Thanks to Hornby Forum Com-Mod RDS for his help in making these work. The spreadsheet will be updated on-going with no particular target date.

Various page tabs are available with some pages yet to be populated. The Master and Motors pages are likely to of most use for now.

Hornby Service Sheets Index

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