Version 1.1

Version 1.2

Version 1.3

Version 1.4

Version 1.41

Version 1.42

Version 1.43

Version 1.44

Version 1.45

Version 1.42 introduced the new improved installer, that allows you to better match your computer’s performance and thus to update the Elite more reliably.

Elite Operational Manuals:

Original Release (covering version 1.1 to version 1.3)

Version 1.4 (covering all version of 1.4x) to date)

To determine the firmware state of your Elite observe the screen on start up. The Version number will display followed by the Operating Mode (Standard or Classic).

Firmware Release Notes:

Version 1.1 - Emergency Stop fixed so that locos remain stopped after power recovery. Improvement to Railcom reading from Lenz Gold decoder.

Version 1.2 - Complete compliance with NMRA standards and RPs. Compatible with Traincontroller software. Initial direction of loco is changed from reverse to forward. Bug fix for speed display updating when loco is changed. Short circuit timing changed to support Reverse Loop Module and Signal Booster. Bug fix for analogue loco (address 0). Railcom default setting changed for Operations mode reading. Bug fix for controller knob 2 switching functions of knob 1.

Version 1.3 - Introduction of Standard and Classic modes.

Version 1.4 - Support for 29 functions (F0-F28) in momentary or latching modes. Support for dummy car programming. Simplified switching of locos and accessories in control stack. Sapphire decoder support for features. Several user reported bug fixes.

Version 1.41 - Controller lockup fixed. Speed knob selection logic changed. Programming of R8215 decoders fixed. Reboot in last mode. Minor display anomalies fixed.

Version 1.42 - Dummy car programming wasnt working - fixed. Improved support for Bachmann decoders. Display corruption in Operate mode mode fixed. Support for Select v1.5.

Version 1.43 - Xpressnet response fix from Elite Emergy Stop recovery. Bug fix in TTS decoder programming and reading in service mode. Quicker response with Select in Walkabout mode. Feedback from hand controllers to Elite screen. POM for suitable accessory decoders.

Version 1.44 - Elite not handling TTS diesel functions F5-F8 correctly - fixed.

Version 1.45 - Elite not handling Sapphire decoder fuel burn utility correctly - fixed.

Select Operational Manuals

Early Select to v1.4

Later Select v1.5

v1.6 Addendum

To determine the firmware version installed on your Select observe the screen at start up - it will show 1x then 30 then 03 where 1x is the firmware version (e.g. 12 = V1.2, 15 = V1.5), 30 is the hardware version and 03 is the default locomotive decoder address indicating the Select is ready to use.

Please note that year 2020 facelift versions of the Select will show v2.0. This is functionally identical to v1.6 on pre-face lift units.

Firmware Release Notes:

Version 1.0 - Initial release. Point and accessory addresses start at 60 in order to use all groups of four up to last address 99. Able to control functions 0-4.

Version 1.1 - Point and accessory addresses now start at 61 through 99 to accord with NMRA addressing groups. Users upgrading from v1.0 should readdress all their points and accessory addresses to the new system. Able to control functions 0-8. Able to program on the main (POM).

Version 1.2 - Improved throttle interface. Changes to setting up default direction switching. Resume operations after a power down/restart. Fix for a bug that puts an R8247 PAD into port flutter possibly leading to failure of that device.

Version 1.3 - Programming improved for ESU Loksound v4.0 sound decoders.

Version 1.4 - Minor update to correct function control issues.

Version 1.5 - Major system upgrade to extend function range 0-28 in support of sound decoders. Change to function methodology. User manual updated.

Version 1.6 - Major system update to allow CV’s to be changed and provide improved overload protection. Addendum to the user manual produced.

Note that v1.6 is functionally the same as v2.0 installed on late 2019 facelift versions of the Select.

Once your curiosity is satisfied you may safely delete any files you have downloaded.


Hornby has cancelled introduction of a smart cable that would have allowed you to connect your Select controller to a PC for the purposes of running Hornby Railmaster train control software. No additional drivers were required and the only set-up needed was to pick Select from the drop down list of controllers. Use of the cable would have required your Select to be at v1.5 or better. The cancellation was apparently due to lack of pre-orders to meet a minimum order of quantity production batch.

Teardown Reports

On the next page you will find teardown reports for most of the Hornby power and control equipment.

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ROB’S RAILS - DCC Downloads            

These files are available for your download at your own risk.

Some are provided as .zip files as they contain .exe files required to carry out certain updates to the firmware of your Hornby Elite DCC Controller.

Later Elite update files have their own improved installer which has proven very reliable on all Windows platforms and PC chipsets.

The firmware updates are all stand alone and will overwrite completely the previously installed version, but as to why you would want to revert to an earlier version is your business.

Please note that while Elite firmware updates are a free download from the Hornby web-site for user installation, Select firmware updates can only be achieved by way of return to Hornby. There is a small charge for this service and the return postage. Contact HCC for a returns number if you need your Select updating.

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Elite Firmware Upgrades:

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