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On most Halton Apprentice web sites you will see various moving objects. These are animated gifs made up by running a sequence of still pictures of an object to simulate movement. Typical moving objects are flags and the apprentice brass wheel.

Waving the Flag:

The RAF Ensign gif in our title above is seen on many Brat web sites. Author unknown.

The Union Flag (left) - Author again unknown, maybe the same guy who did the RAF Ensign.

Spinning Brass Wheel:

The brass wheel that we wore on our sleeve. Author again unknown. Seen on many Brat web sites.

Entry Colours:

Your Squadron and Flight within the Wing and Entry was indicated by the colour of the plastic disk installed as a background to the brass badge. Red (1 Sqdn - A Flight), Green (2 Sqdn - B Flight), Pale Blue (3 Sqdn - C Flight).

Moving Pictures:

In the fullness of time we may even have videos on our web site.


Moving Objects                        

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