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You will see a banner in our Reunion and Triennial photos. This has had a couple of changes due to perceived anomalies in the design, i.e. colours of the brass wheel background.

On the left below is our original banner with a dark blue disk background alongside the later supposedly more correct red background to the wheel badge.


As I remember it the 96th had red, green and pale blue disks, each for its own Flight A, B and C. My plastic disc in C Flight was a light blue similar to the background of this web page. These colours read across to each Entry.

Each Wing had a coloured hat band - Yellow for 3-Wing and the place of our first year's lodging, Blue for 2-Wing and Red for 1-Wing where the 96th lodged until graduation.

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96TH ENTRY - RAF HALTON                 Sept 1960 - July 1963                       

Welcome to the RAF Halton Apprentices 96th Entry secondary web site.

Our halton96th.org.uk site is used for development, testing and other stuff to see how it pans out before letting it loose in the real world. Its a workshop area and my work bench so its not too pretty, can be a tad untidy and not everything works as it maybe should, so please be warned - if you get in a muddle you may have to bail out of it and find your own way home.

To go back to our primary web site you can use this link … www.halton96th.co.uk

To view activity of the Old Haltonians Norfolk Branch click the ‘RAFHAAA Norfolk’ menu button. For information about other regional branches see our main web site.

As you browse this site you will see various items that did / didn’t make it onto our main web pages.

Shown on the left here is our official Entry shield with its ‘spotty cat’, designed as part of a competition during our time at Halton, reputedly won by Dudley Denham, but this is refuted by others, so who knows.

The motto ‘Quam Celerrime” has been the subject of some debate as to proper spelling and / or correctness of meaning, as other agencies use a similar motto.

Go to our main website and click on the badge in the top left hand corner to read more about it.

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